Design Requirements for Selfnamed Products

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Creating a product that stands out on the shelf starts with a stellar design. At Selfnamed, we want to ensure your products look their best, which is why we have specific design requirements. 


Here’s what you need to know:



  • Spacing: Keep a minimum of 3mm space between your design and the cut line to avoid any design elements being lost during the trimming process.

Typeface & Fonts

  • Size: The minimum text size is 4.5pt, which may need to be larger against darker backgrounds (minimum 4.8pt).

  • Thickness: The minimum line thickness for text should be 0.12mm, with fine lines not thinner than 0.17pt.

  • Vectorization: Convert all fonts into vectors (outlines) to preserve the font appearance.


  • Ink Usage: The total ink coverage in your design should not exceed 300% to prevent issues with drying and smudging.


  • Resolution: All color and black-and-white images must have a minimum resolution of 600dpi to ensure clarity.


  • Extension: If your design or any objects touch the edge of the layout, they must extend beyond the trim line to account for the bleed, typically about 3mm.

Export Settings (For Figma)

  • Format: Use PNG for designs with a transparent background.

  • Exporting: Select the designed frame and use the 'Export Your Design Frame' button in the right tools bar.

  • File Location: Choose a folder to export your design.

Label and Box Templates

  • Guide Use: Follow the provided label and box templates to correctly position your design elements.

  • Mandatory Information: Leave the space in the orange dashed frame blank; mandatory information will be inserted automatically.

Important Notes

  • Ensure that all label and box designs adhere to these specifications.

  • Review the manual thoroughly for product-specific pixel dimensions and additional details.

  • Before finalizing your design, check that all elements are aligned correctly, and mandatory information spaces are left blank.

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