WooCommerce Dropshipping Integration Manual

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You can begin dropshipping with Selfnamed using WooCommerce! ?



Add the plugin to your WordPress


The plugin requirements:

● PHP version at least 7.4

● WordPress version at least 6.1

● WooCommerce version at least 7.4.1


To install the plugin:

  • Download .zip archive with the plugin HERE



Adding a store

This part includes the integration process with API KEY! First, you must log in to your business account - from which you are planning to do the dropshipping!


Please follow the steps below, for the WooCommerce Dropshipping service integration ?

  1. Log in to your Selfnamed account

2. Enter your email and password, then click SIGN IN


3. You will be taken to your Selfnamed profile.

To start the integration, you need to add your store! Click on My Stores


4. Since you are going to do the integration with your WooCommerce store, you must click on WooCommerce option, CONNECT NOW


5. Before the integration, you must accept the dropshipping terms of service!

Scroll down, read through, and click on ACCEPT & CONTINUE!


6. Once you have accepted the terms of service, you will be given the API KEY! 

You can copy the key and enter it in your WooCommerce store!


7. How to add your API KEY in WooCommerce:

  • Open the WooCommerce dropdown 

  • Find Selfnamed plugin*

*Selfnamed plugin can be found at the beginning of this manual


8. How to add your API KEY in WooCommerce:

  • Open the Getting started section

  • Enter the API KEY (form Selfnamed profile)

  • Click Save!

9. Once you have placed the API KEY in WooCommerce, you will find your store in Selfnamed profile!




Adding a billing method


After creating the shop, it is required to add a billing method for it!


This is the important part! As for every order that is going to be dropshipped - you will need to pay for the products that are included in the order, and the shipping!


Please note! You can assign only one payment method to one store!


Please see the following steps to add a billing method for your store ?

  1. Click on your Selfnamed profile

  2. Click on Billing, to add the information




4. You must enter the name of the billing method

5. Choose the shop you would like to apply the billing method

6. When done, press continue


7. Enter the billing information

8. Press continue, when done


9. Enter the payment information

10. When done, press Confirm preauthorization, and the payment method is added to your store!


11. In your profile, in the billing section, you will be able to see the added billing method for your WooCommerce shop!





Adding the products to the WooCommerce store

For this part you must prepare the designs, or you can use the designs you have added on the products previously - on ordered samples!


This manual part includes:

  • how to add products from scratch;

  • how to add products from your previous orders.


! Please note - send your designs to your Selfnamed contact person or customer support, for design approval, before you start dropshipping!

It is not mandatory, if you have sent the designs previously!


Please see the following steps how to add product to your store ?


How to make and add a product to the store:

  1. Open My Store

  2. Click on ADD PRODUCT

3. A catalog of products will open, there you can choose any of the products!

4. Click on the product you would like to add to the store

5. Once you open the product page - click on CREATE DESIGN


6. You can upload your designs OR you can create the design for your product!

7. Do not forget to add the label and the box! You can switch the templates at the right side!


8. Once you created the designs, click on PREVIEW to see the mockups! This can help to understand how the design looks on the product!

This part can also be skipped, by clicking on CONTINUE


9. You can download the mockups (if needed).

10. Then click CONTINUE


11. The product picture will show up once more, for reassurance! If everything looks good - click CONTINUE


12. Choose which store to add the product to and press continue


13. Here the default product description will appear! However, you can change this information to your preferences!

14. you can write the product name, add your product price, include tags, and add product description!

15. When done, press CONTINUE

16. You must choose pictures for your product! Do not worry, you can change the pictures afterward!

17. When done choosing - click CONTINUE

18. You have successfully added the product to the store! As you can see, you can duplicate the product and delete it.

Most importantly, the product information and design can be changed!


How to add existing product to the store:

  1. Click on My Designs

  2. There you will be able to open two design types ORDERED DESIGNS and DESIGN DRAFTS

  3. Choose which product you want to include in the shop!

  4. Clicking on “three dots” and ADD TO STORE

  5. Then you will be brought to the design studio, where you will be able to re-touch the design (if necessary), add the product information and add it to your WooCommerce store!




Final important steps to do in WooCommerce store

The final step is to synchronize the products that are added to the WooCommerce shop! As well as include the billing information in Selfnamed extension and publish the products!


The synchronization will ensure all the information synchronization with Selfnamed!

For example, shipping costs for every product is automatically calculated based on the Selfnamed prices!


Please see the following steps how to finalize the integration process for WooCommerce stores ?


  1. STEP - Billing information (in WooCommerce)

Under admin panel -> WooCommerce -> Selfnamed extension -> Open the Getting started section!

  • Fill out the 4th step and enter the billing information!

  • Once done, press Save!

2. STEP - product synchronization

Under admin panel -> WooCommerce -> Selfnamed extension -> Open the Products section!

You can either:

  • synchronize all the added products in one go by pressing Synchronize All Products

  • OR synchronize the product one-by-one, pressing the Sync button!

2. STEP - product synchronization

  • If you will Synchronize All Products then a window will appear, for reassurance!

  • Click - yes, proceed - once you have done adjusting the products!

2. STEP - product synchronization

  • You will see Synced written in the Status column - once synchronization will be done!

3. STEP - product publishing

  • Once you have synchronized the products, make sure the information, pictures are added - publish the product!

  • Choose the published status and click OK, then click Update!

4. STEP - make sure delivery is configured

Under admin panel -> WooCommerce -> Selfnamed extension -> Delivery section

  • Click on the Configure button

4. STEP - make sure delivery is configured

  • Make sure the checkbox is checked - “Enable this shipping method”

  • Then click Save changes!

5. STEP - order synchronization

Orders section under admin panel -> WooCommerce -> Selfnamed extension -> Order section

You should see all orders that include Selfnamed products!

  • Click on the Synchronize button

  • If anything goes wrong and status has been changed to Cancelled:

    • check the message column in the table, make the corresponding actions and change the order status back to Processing, you should see the Not Synced status again

  • If anything is fine, then after the page refresh, you should see the updated Status, Planned Delivery time and Updated At time

  • When the order’s status changes to SHIPPED from Selfnamed platform -> the order’s status changes to Completed in the WooCommerce store


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