How do I determine the Ecocert Organic/Natural percentages to be used on labels and boxes for our products?

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To accurately determine the Ecocert Organic/Natural percentages for your product labels and boxes, follow these steps:

  1. Refer to INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients): INCI is a standardized list of ingredients used in cosmetics. Check the INCI list for your product, and look for the specific percentages of organic and natural ingredients if provided there.

  2. Use INCI-Listed Percentages: When INCI provides the percentages of organic and natural ingredients, use these exact numbers on your product labels and boxes. This ensures precise compliance with Ecocert requirements.

  3. Avoid Estimations: Do not estimate or round percentages unless it is explicitly required by Ecocert guidelines. Accuracy in displaying these percentages is essential for transparency and compliance.

  4. Regularly Update Labels: If there are any changes in your product formulation that affect the organic or natural percentages, make sure to update your labels and boxes accordingly to reflect the accurate information.

By relying on the INCI-listed percentages, you ensure that your product labels and boxes are in line with Ecocert Organic/Natural certification standards. This transparency helps customers make informed choices about your products.

If you have any specific questions about your product's Ecocert Organic/Natural percentages or need further guidance, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We're here to assist you in achieving compliance and accuracy in your packaging.

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