Dropshipping Order Fulfillment and Billing Process Explained

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Understanding the order fulfillment and billing process is crucial for a seamless experience with your skincare-on-demand store. This article outlines the steps involved from customer purchase to billing.

Customer Purchase

The process begins when your customer makes a purchase on your skincare-on-demand store. They pay the retail price of the product they've selected, as well as any associated shipping costs. This payment goes directly to you, the business owner.

Selfnamed Order Fulfillment

Once the customer's order is received, Selfnamed takes over the order fulfillment process. This includes preparing the product, packaging it securely, and arranging for its shipment to the customer's address.

Charges and Billing

As part of our services, Selfnamed incurs costs related to products and shipping on your behalf. These costs are billed to you, the business owner. You are billed for every order separately.

  • Product Costs: These charges cover the costs associated with preparing and packaging the product for shipment. It includes the labor and materials (product, label, box, etc) involved in the fulfillment process.
  • Shipping Costs: Shipping charges are incurred based on the shipping method selected by the customer during the checkout process. The cost is determined by factors such as the destination and the chosen shipping service.


We only charge VAT according to the merchant's VAT status, address and shipping address. Any custom taxes or other fees are not covered by Selfnamed.

Transparent Billing

Selfnamed is committed to transparency in billing. You will receive a clear breakdown of these charges, allowing you to see the costs associated with order fulfillment and shipping.

Shipping Profiles

To ensure smooth order fulfillment, make sure that your Selfnamed shipping profiles are activated and not altered in your Shopify admin. These profiles play a crucial role in calculating shipping costs accurately and ensuring on-time delivery.

Your Retail Price and Profit

It's important to note that the retail price paid by the customer, minus the costs incurred for fulfillment and shipping, represents your profit from the sale.

Important Notes

For dropshipping orders, users need to save their card details in Users Dashboard > My Details > Billing. NOTE: We don't store card details; the card is processed by a third-party payment gateway and charged only when the order comes in. In the event of any issues with payment, the system tries to charge the card for 72 hours. If we can't charge the card within this period, the system automatically cancels the order.


By following this process and ensuring the integrity of your shipping profiles, Selfnamed aims to streamline the order fulfillment and billing aspects of your skincare-on-demand business, enabling you to focus on product quality, customer satisfaction, and growing your brand.

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