GTIN Numbers for Selfnamed Products

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What is a GTIN?

GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number, is a unique identifier for products that is used globally to streamline inventory tracking and sales. It is essential for products sold in retail or online marketplaces.


The Role of GTIN in Product Sales

  • Identification: GTINs are used to identify individual products and their variants.

  • Standardization: They ensure consistency across global supply chains.

  • Retail Requirement: Many retailers and online marketplaces require a GTIN for product listings.

GTIN and Private Label Companies

As a private label company, Selfnamed provides you with the platform to create your skincare brand. However, generating GTINs is not within the scope of our services. GTINs are typically the responsibility of the brand owner – in this case, you.


Why Selfnamed Does Not Create GTINs

  • Brand Ownership: GTINs are tied to the brand owner's company information.

  • Control: You maintain control over your product listings and inventory systems.

  • Flexibility: You decide when and where to allocate your GTINs.

How to Obtain a GTIN for Your Products

  1. Register Your Business: Before obtaining GTINs, ensure your business is registered and has the necessary legal identifiers.

  2. Contact a GS1 Member Organization: GS1 is the global standards organization for GTINs. Contact the GS1 office in your country to apply for your unique company prefix.

  3. Purchase GTINs: Once you have a company prefix, you can purchase GTINs that will be unique to your products.

  4. Assign GTINs: Assign a unique GTIN to each product variant.

Next Steps After Getting GTINs

  • Product Packaging: Include the GTIN barcode on your product packaging.

  • Product Listing: Use the GTIN when listing products on retail or online platforms.

  • Inventory Management: Implement GTINs in your inventory management system.


If you need guidance on how to register for GTINs or have questions about integrating them with your Selfnamed products, please reach out to our support team.

Remember, while Selfnamed empowers you to create and launch your skincare brand, managing GTINs is a crucial step in establishing and expanding your brand’s reach in the marketplace.

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