How Selfnamed Design Service work?
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Selfnamed Design Service*

We know that the creative part is not the strong suite for everyone, that is why we have created a service to solve this matter fast and painlessly.

You select products to build your skincare line and we create designs!

The service includes:

  • Select up to 5 products you would like to design

  • We will prepare two design concepts

  • We create final design adaptations for selected product

*- The service is not refundable

Step 1: Briefing

Fill out the form for the designer (aka brief us).

Required fields to fill:

  1. Upload your logo or enter your brand name.

  2. Tell us about your preferred colours.

  3. Choose specific fonts or any desired style for it.

  4. Add inspiration photos and describe your mood.

Based on all of your preferences mentioned above our designer will prepare two design concepts for you.

Step 2: Design & Review

  1. Review design concepts

  2. Choose your favorite

  3. Give us your feedback

  4. We create final design

EXAMPLE: I like the concept N°1, but it would be nice to have a white background and texts in dark colour please:)

Step 3: Design Adaptations

At this stage you may choose if you want the same design for all of the products or some distinctive elements for them.

Select 5 products for design adaptations

Step 4: Receive & Start Selling!

After fiinishing with design adaptations, we will print the order and send selected products to you. And this is where

Example of Design Brief

An example of design brief and result of two design concepts.

Example of 2 design concepts

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