Design Elements
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Once you've caught a burst of inspiration and have defined the main characteristics of your brand it is time to roll up your sleeves and pick the right design elements!

  • Style

Pick your style according to what mood and personality you want your packaging to deliver! Will your design carry a minimalist vibe or will it be bold and over-the-top? Maybe you want to stress out femininity?

Minimalistic. Typology.

Feminine & Sophisticated. Savar by Stephen Myers

Choosing the style you will want to move towards will help you complete the rest of your design and ensure your future packaging decisions will be in line with your overall design goals.
Should you decide to include natural elements to your natural cosmetics brand you might want to consider some nature photography to be included in your packaging. Should you decide in favor of pop art, you might need some illustrations done to include in the design process.

Pop art inspired by Andy Warhol. Sk-ii.

When you know what style you are going for you will understand what design elements you will need to get that style to come across in your packaging.

  • Colors

As one of the most famous color theorists, Faber Birren once said, “color rings the doorbell of the human mind and emotion and then leaves.” Choose your colors wisely!

Most likely, there won't be just one color on your packaging, therefore we would suggest you create your brand's color palette, which usually consists of around five to ten colors.

Before creating a color palette take a glance at color theory to understand what colors mean. After learning what emotional or psychological impact each color brings, identify what your brand is about and what qualities it carries. You will want to choose the colors that would match your brand personality, grab attention and won't get lost in the competition since the world of beauty and cosmetics is highly competitive!

Colorful. Sara Simar by Migue Martí, Chavo Roldán Bright & Luxurious with classical elements. La Chatelaine by Holly McAlister

  • Fonts

Similar to colors, you want to choose your fonts to be unique and recognizable to your customers while they are scanning the shelves or scrolling through the online store.

There are plenty of fonts out there to choose from, but you can always create and personalize your own! Make sure you match your fonts with your brand personality!

Vibrant & With Playful Typography. AKT London by Two Times Elliot

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