Brand Personality
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Once you've determined who you are designing for it's time to determine your brand's personality! What's your branding? Depending on your end customer what characteristics would you apply to your brand? Are you simple and classic or dark and edgy?

Dark & Edgy. Tokyo Milk by Margot Elena

Bright & Minimalistic. Iossi by Zofia Dziurawiec & Weronika Cyganik

Maybe you are luxurious? Or maybe you are accessible and transparent?

Luxurious & Minimalistic. Verso by The Studio Transparent & Minimalistic. Herbivore Botanicals by Julia Wills & Alex Kummerow

It is important to understand what personality you want to portray to your customers, who you are as a brand and where you stand. Once you define this it will help you to determine design elements used in your packaging.

Running low on creative juice? Get inspired by looking at the latest cosmetics packaging trends! Once you get the idea of the current trends it will be easier for you to choose the right path.

You might want to consider picking a look that is both modern and trendy, but also timeless and appealing to ensure your packaging design looks up-to-date for as long as possible!

Here are some great websites dedicated to design and packaging reviews. Take a look if you're looking for new color schemes or eye-catching font ideas.

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