Three layers
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Just like a basic three-step evening skincare routine - starting with washing your face, following with toner, then ending with applying night cream - when it comes to packaging, there are three different layers you should think about.

  1. Primary packaging or Product packaging - is used to hold the actual product and inform your customer of its uses and other informative details. The type of primary packaging used depends on the type of product you are selling., be it shampoo, serum or other cosmetics products.

  2. Secondary packaging or Inner packaging - is what holds your product, like the box you open to get to your serum droplet! The secondary packaging is consumer-facing especially if you sell it in retail. There are some products that primary packaging might be enough and the secondary packaging might not be necessary e.g. shampoo or body wash.

  3. Tertiary packaging or Outer packaging - the first thing your customer will have to dive into to get to your product. It could be the box used for shipping to protect the secondary packaging or the bag used to package your products at the physical store when at the cashier's desk. It’s completely up to you whether you need one or not, it really depends on the sales channels you are planning to use.

Now it is more important than ever to create an eye-catching design to help your branding efforts and even more so differentiate yourself from the fierce competition in today’s marketplace. What could you possibly do to make your skincare product eye-catching and stand out from the next product on the shelf? The answer is easy: creative design and enhanced printing!
For your cosmetics line, Selfnamed offers you 2 layers of packaging - primary packaging and secondary packaging. All you have to do is choose your product, pick the packaging and create your own design for the label and the product box! Easy peasy!

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